A great image taps a sense beyond sight. It engages the viewer, inviting them to relate and leaving them wanting to experience more.  

My life as a photographer began with a degree in Photojournalism, though I quickly realized I wanted more creative license and freedom to shape images.  Still, I’ve never grown out of those documentary roots.  Whether I’m capturing the moment, creating a moment or getting caught in one, storytelling is what I love most. 

After some time in the Northwest, I made my way to New York, not far from where I grew up. As an editorial fashion and portrait photographer, and before as an assistant, I was educated by a lot of really smart and talented people.  It was a great opportunity to create beautiful and compelling images while honing my perspective and abilities. 

I then moved to Chicago. I’ve been based here for the past several years shooting commercial, editorial and corporate assignments. I’m happy to still be learning and making pictures that prompt people to think, feel and act.

Knowing what is needed, what I do well, and being open to things beyond my control have been solid keys to success. It seems everything else, whether it’s time, budget, or even light, is just math and will power. 

I read somewhere that sharks can never stop swimming.  I think being a photographer is kind of like that.

WWW.TODDCRAWFORDSTUDIO.COM has interiors and architecture.

Clients and assignments: Thresholds, Starcom, Artisan Books, Boeing, Appalatch, Taunton Press, East Bank Club, We are Mammoth, Gary Graham, Substance Design, Blackbook, Nylon, And Men, Noi.se, Naked Eye, Women’s Wear Daily, Venus, NME, Fused, Space Between, Fine Homebuilding, Chicago Magazine, Byron Lars, Eskell, Nonnie Threads, Brand Crafted, Alchemy Interior Design, Shernett Swaby, North Carolina Green Building Council, Macy’s Fashion Incubator, Samsel Architects, Concept Labs, Summit Marketing (United, Allstate and Motorola,) and Neovia Logistics.

Recognition: American Photo’s “Fashion Pages of the Year,” Communication Arts Photo Annual, Px3 competition (first place, Beauty), and the Spyder Black and White Awards (Architecture).